Donation of the Month By HeyForm

We want to donate! Yes, we already present our software, and countless pupils and students use our survey tool for free, but we want to take money into our hands in a classic way and give it away!

Because it feels good and because it is good.

So much for the idea, but as is so often the case with ideas and proposals: when it comes to implementation, the challenges come. The people behind HeyForm are as diverse as our society. One wants to support the school of his children, another the club around the corner, another Greenpeace, Bread for the World, or simply his favorite streamer.

Now we could discuss for a long time which donation makes more sense. But we don't want to, we'd rather get started. So before we get too philosophical or even apply mathematical methods for the distribution of money, we have without further ado founded a new category: Donation of the Month!

How does it work?

We start small: Once a month, a HeyForm employee is allowed to donate 500, dollars at will. And if, as expected, it's fun and well-received, we'll expand it. But more about that later, let's start!